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This event is being presented through a collaboration between three San Francisco Bay Area German-American non-profit organizations:  The Deutscher Musikverein of San Francisco, The Excelsior German Center of Oakland and the United German-American Societies of San Francisco.

The event is free to the public due to generous financial donations from the Excelsior German Center of Oakland and the United-German American Societies of San Francisco.

Planning Committee Members

Bill Bates, Deutscher Musikverein

Walter Keller, Deutscher Musikverein

Otti Kiraly, Excelsior German Center

Petra Kubler, Excelsior German Center

Karl Pfeiffer, Excelsior German Center

Alto Rechenauer, United German American Societies of San Franciso and Vicinity

Petra Specht, Excelsior German Center

Thanks to Sam Hedrick, Operations Manager for the East Bay German International School, for stepping up and creating a spectacular marketing plan for the event!

Special thanks to Trumer Pils Brewery Berkeley for their Generous sponsorship, Thomas Kronemeyer and Michael Willis for our layout designs and to the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany for sponsoring the performance of the Techno-Percussion duo.

Thanks to all of the volunteer performers and organization members for bringing their unique version of German music and culture to this event.

Thanks also to Rozana Ceballos from San Francisco Park and Rec for her enthusiastic collaboration to help make this event happen.

And finally, thanks and much appreciation to the over 100 community volunteers without whom this free public event could not occur.

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